Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Here is my take on a new pattern by the very talented Sandy Hunter.
Sandy explains the pattern here.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Inspired by a tea towel

Crosses inspiration 0913


Last month we had a lovely romantic weekend away at the gorgeous Karingal at Cygnet.  While there my attention was attracted by a tea towel with this pattern:


It was quickly deconstructed and is fun to draw.  I’ve called it Crosses - not a very exotic name I admit – because it is really just a combination of addition and multiplication signs.

Crosses by Lyndelc 0913

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetCrosses sample by Lyndelc 1013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Tangle - Castle

Inspired by this tile I saw while seeking bathroom inspiration, a new tangle pattern was born.

Finn's suggested name is Castle.  Mark also suggested Hogwarts because it reminded him of the moving staircases in the Harry Potter movies.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tangles–Notebook Two

I really should date my tangles! I think this was from June and July 2012 – certainly around the time I first drew Knyt.

2013-03-25 13.18.36-22013-03-25 13.18.48-22013-03-25 13.18.59-22013-03-25 13.19.07-22013-03-25 13.20.01-22013-03-25 13.20.11-22013-03-25 13.20.19-22013-03-25 13.20.44-22013-03-25 13.20.50-22013-03-25 13.21.00-22013-03-25 13.21.07-22013-03-25 13.21.38-22013-03-25 13.21.46-22013-03-25 13.22.28-22013-03-25 13.22.06-22013-03-25 13.22.36-22013-03-25 13.20.36-22013-03-25 13.21.54-22013-03-25 13.19.31-22013-03-25 13.22.18-2

Tangling–Notebook One

I haven’t posted any tangles for a while and I have been filling up notebooks with them.  I started the first notebook halfway
through because I couldn’t face that scary first blank page, So some are from last winter and some from this summer.

2013-03-25 10.17.362013-03-25 10.17.36-12013-03-25 10.19.272013-03-25 10.19.362013-03-25 10.19.572013-03-25 10.18.20-12013-03-25 10.20.342013-03-25 10.18.202013-03-25 10.21.072013-03-25 10.21.232013-03-25 10.20.142013-03-25 10.21.462013-03-25 10.22.052013-03-25 10.22.212013-03-25 10.20.562013-03-25 10.19.47